Lemmy’s Fun Fiction

Graphic by Latisha Banks

This is the heart of my Land. Here, fun stories reside and live to be read. If you have any stories of your own, Email me! Your favorite Koopaling will get two votes for a good story. Please enjoy all of these great stories- the most fan fiction in any one place on the web.

Stories that have been updated the last time this section was added to are listed as "Updated". The Fun Fiction are sorted alphabetically by author. Follow the links below to find the author and story you're looking for.

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Larry and Iggy Superstar Saga: Birth of Bowletta, by Larry.

Super Larry RPG: The Rise and Fall of Smithy, by Larry.
>Page 2-3-4-5.

Super Larry 64 DS, by Larry.
>Page 2-3.

Iggy’s Mansion: The Return, by Larry.
>Page 2.

Paper Larry: Fall of the Witch, by Larry.
>Page 2-3-4-5.

Super Larry Dumbshine: Wrath of the Machine: Larry talks his way into some time off as he demands answers, but he can't talk his way out of his assignment of cleaing up Isle Delfino after being framed by a doppelganger, by Larry. Not completed.

Larry Koopa

The Doomsday Plan: Can invisible Koopas win? By Larry Koopa.

The Play: The Koopas try to put on play, by Larry Koopa.

Larry Koopa

The Defective Robot: Iggy's robot goes berserk, by Larry Koopa. Not completed, with one Trimming.

Larry the Tennis Master

Ludwig and Karma's Child: Ludwig and Karma have a Yoshi baby, Bowser tries to exterminate it, then Karma gets deathly ill, and the Marios interfere... By Larry the Tennis Master.
>Page 2-3-4-5.

Larry Von Koopa

Beanbean Travels, by Larry Von Koopa. Not completed.
>Page 2.


Mario’s Greatest Enemies: Mario is going to meet three of his toughest opponents in the most unlikely of places and times! What’ll he do...?, by Lashamaru.
>Page 2-3.

The Mario Kart Time Circuit: Mario and friends (as well as enemies) encounter a track that travels through time! It's Heroes versus Villains in an all-out racing melee, by Lashamaru. Not completed.

Latisha Banks

The Yoshi ADVENTURE, Adventure, adventure: Yoshi is dared by Lemmy to find his ball, byLatisha Banks. Not completed, with two Trimmings.


Paper Wario: Wario accidentally shatters the Star Road and must recover the pieces or face the wrath of Geno, by Lawful. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Leah Koopa

Dimentio's Dark Plot: Dimentio is back with a mind full of revenge and conquest, by Leah Koopa. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5.


The Crystal Plot: Bowser is trapped by an enemy of the Koopa Clan, so it is up to the Koopalings to set him free, by Lemmyscoo.
>Page 2-3-4-5.

Lemmy’s Biggest Fan

A Family Reunion: How was a Koopaling lost and turned human? By Lemmy’s Biggest Fan. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Lemmy's Evil Counterpart

Mechanical Mayhem: When it is revealed that Smithy and Grodus are both subjects of another, the two robots must work together to finally defeat Mario, by Lemmy's Evil Counterpart. Not completed.

Lems Big Bro - Favorite Author


First Time for Everything: A Yoshi goes to Yo'ster Isle for the first time, by Leo.


Crystal Terror, by Libertoque. Not completed.

Lil Cheep Cheep

Lil Cheep Cheep's and Axem Leader's Quest: The Cheep's house is destroyed and he and his friend search for the cause, by Lil Cheep Cheep and Axem Leader.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7.

Koopas Strike Back: Sleeping plumbers can't fight, by Lil Cheep Cheep.

The Search for 120 Stars: The two fools have to do Mario 64, by Lil Cheep Cheep and Axem Leader. Not completed.
>Page 2.


Morton’s Story: Morton meets Cheeseman and learns more about himself, by LizardKing.

The Mole: Twelve players must work together to win challenges and earn money, but one of them is actually a saboteur, by LizardKing. Not completed.

Lord Drash

Mario and Luigi: Stupidstar Saga: A little dumber than before, if that's possible, by Lord Drash.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9.

Paper Bowser 2 and the Thousand Second Door: King Koopa does this quest his own way, but don't worry; Mario and Luigi are not forgotten, by Lord Drash.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9.

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Paradoxes, by Lord Drash.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7.

Lord Lemmy

The End of Mario: Waluigi is pleased after setting off a bomb in Mario's house, then learns a terrible secret, by Lord Lemmy. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Lord Seth

Attack of the 20-Foot Sword Brothers: Two beefed-up Hammer Brother plague the Koopalings, by Lord Seth and Vapor.

A Test of Wills: The Koopalings must stay a week in a haunted house, by Lord Seth.
>Page 2.

Smithy's Successor: Weird stuff is going on, in a mysterious way, in a crazy story, by Lord Seth.

A Test of Wills 2: Eight more contestants try to survive a haunted house, by Lord Seth.
>Page 2-3.

Lemmy's Land: The Screenplay: The Koopalings are banished, Bowser's castle is destroyed,
Luigi has to go undercover, and that's just the setup, by Lord Seth.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7.


Survivor: Desert Land, by Loxo123. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Ludwig Von Koopa 2

Mario and Luigi: Supervillain Saga: All of Mario's stories, from Mario Bros. to Paper Mario 2 to Superstar Saga, seem to be linked, but how?, by Ludwig Von Koopa 2. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Ludwig X

Ludwig and Karma: The Fight for the Mushroom Kingdom: It's a day to remember when Ludwig and Karma get married - and try to takeover the Mushroom Kingdom as well, by Ludwig X.

Bowser Jr. Runs Away from Home: Feeling unwanted, Bowser Jr. runs away. Bowser and Ludwig go in search of them, but run into trouble in the form of a gang of giant Dark Koopas, by Ludwig X.

The Stone Cold Chronicles, Episode 1: Bowser Is Missing!: When Bowser is kidnapped by gang leader Stone, Ludwig, Kamek, and Karma must find a way to Ice Land and get him back, by Ludwig X.

Aaron's Quest, by Ludwig X.

Luigi Mario

A Koopaling War: When dad is away, the children will play... or have a war, by Luigi Mario.

The Blue Crystal: Whenever there's a frighteningly power artifact, there's bound to be a hero who will go find it, by Luigi Mario.

Mario And Luigi: The Five Sacred Gems: The Mario Bros. and a growing team of friends must collect gems that can give them power to banish the darkness from the Mushroom Kingdom, by Luigi Mario.

The Wrath of Giga Bowser: Master and Crazy Hand are dead, but fueled by the mysterious G.I.G.A, Giga Bowser aims to bring them back, and worse, by Luigi Mario. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6.

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Mac Koopa

Invisa-Cola: First Wendy turns invisible, then Wendy turns mischievous, by Mac Koopa.
>Page 2-3-4.


Revelations: The Story of the Arcana, by Magikoopa189. Not completed.


Paper Mario Cut: The 999-Year Window: What really happened in Paper Mario 2... maybe, by Maguskoopa.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9.

Once and For All: The Koopalings lead teams through a fierce competition to decide once and for all the heir to the Koopa throne, by Maguskoopa.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7.


The Unknown Enemy: First Luigi's got an attitude, and then he disappears. Has he gone rogue, or is someone behind this? By Mango.


Light Mario's Appearance: The Marios meet their longtime guardian, byMario.

Lemmy's Awesome Race 2: Sixteen teams try to avoid elimination as they race across Lemmy's Land for the big prize, by Mario. Not completed.

Mario and Luigi: No Time Like the Future: Bowser seeks to take control of time and alter history to his advantage, by Mario.
>Page 2-3.

Mario Fan

A Collection of Plumber Predicaments and Koopa Katastrophes: Several short stories that don't bode well for the Koopas, by Mario Fan.

I, Yoshi: A Yoshi journeys to save the inhabitants of a far away land, by Mario Fan. Discontinued.
>Page 2-3.

GBT 1.5: Aftermath: The prequel to Chef Torte's epic sequel, by Mario Fan.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8.

The Eye of the Phoenix: The Marios must stop the Koopas from obtaining a jewel of incredible power, by Mario Fan.

Of War And Reason, by Mario Fan. Discontinued.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9.

Songs of the Silent Age: As a series of vague prophecies begin to come true, several groups of characters follow their destiny, which leads to the four Breaking Shrines, by Mario Fan.

Agents of Chaos: Negotiations: A young Kamek is charged with ensuring war between Mushroomers and Koopas, by Mario Fan.

Songs of Light and Darkness, by Mario Fan. Not completed.

Mario Fan

Wario's Castle: Wario and Waluigi discover more than they bargained for when they decide to look around their own home, by Mario Fan. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Mario Koopa

Super Mario Moonlight: Isle Delfino goes dark, Peach gets kidnapped again, and it's all Mario can do to stay on his feet, by Mario Koopa.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7.

Future Fix: The Koopalings trap themselves in a desolate future and are forced to fight their adult selves, by Mario Koopa.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7.

Pokemon Mario and Luigi: The Mario Brothers are swapped by the Koopas with two boys from the Pokemon world, by Mario Koopa.
>Page 2.

Mario and the Rabbids, by Mario Koopa.

The End of All the Stories, by Mario Koopa.
>>>A brief ending to Future Fix, Pokemon Mario and Luigi, and Mario and the Rabbids.

Mario & Luigi

Super Mario Revelations: Mario must retrieve the Princesses of Heart and the Sacred Star to prevent Bowser from using nightmares to dominate the Mushroom Kingdom, by Mario & Luigi.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.

Super Mario Revelations II: The Lunar Flower, by Mario & Luigi. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6.


Mario Vs. Sonic: Mushroom Kingdom Madness: After two universes are merged into one, the heroes of each are tricked into fighting each other, by MarioFanaticXV.
>Page 2-3-4.

Four Hammers: After inadvertantly freeing a powerful Boo, the Marios and Warios must work together to seal it away once again, by MarioFanaticXV.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6.

Mario vs. Sonic 2: Mobius Mania: Evil copies unite in this second installment of the Mario versus Sonic series, by MarioFanaticXV.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7.

Mario Vs. Sonic 3: Multiverse Mayhem, by Adam Butler (MarioFanaticXV).
>Page 2-3-4-5-6.


Paper Mario 1 1/2: After his adventure, Mario still has stuff to take care of. He's going to need all the help he can get, by MarioFan01. Not completed.


Oh, Brother!: Iggy and Lemmy get into a fight, which causes misery for the other Koopalings, by MarioKid.


An Island Adventure: While exploring a mysterious island, Peach is kidnapped by a ghost. The Marios must get her back, by Marioman989.

The Adventure of a Lifetime: The race for power is on as two groups attempt to unlock the Green Stone, by Marioman989.

Blamed: Cast out after allegedly causing an explosion in the castle, Ludwig is forced to make it on his own, by Marioman989.

Ludwig Meets Ludwig: Ludwig Von Koopa is warped to Earth while Ludwig van Beethoven ends up in the Mushroom Kingdom, by Marioman989.

Mario and the Three Elements: When the elemental powers of Water, Fire, and Light are released into the world, it's up to Mario, Luigi, the princess, and Toadsworth to get them back, by Marioman989. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Mario Mysteries #1: The Cloaked Figure: When a dark, floating figure turns up in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario is called upon to track it down, by Marioman989.


Mario and Green 'Stache: Bowser’s Inside-Out Story, by Mariorulez14.  Not completed.
>Page 2.


Stupid Mario 3D Land, by MarioMario54321.
>Page 2.


Super Mario Brothers: The Crystal of One-Thousand Mysteries: The Marios follow riddles as they seek a magical jewel, but they might be better off not finding it, by MarioZeo. Not completed.


Sunshine League of Villains: Every boss and sub-boss that Mario defeated on Isle Delfino has band together to get rid of him for good, by Mario64.


Bowser and the Broken Arm: Larry tries to run away but breaks his arm, by MarshMallowStomper.


Villain Vendetta: 80 of Mario's enemies compete in a series of crazy mini-games, by Martin.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7.

The Egg-cellant Adventure: A 2001-year-old deal leaves power over the Mushroom Kingdom in the hands of an unknown heir, by Martin.
>Page 2-3.

The Eggcellent Adventure 2: The hunt is on for the Spork of Atlantis, which can grant one wish to the one that finds it, by Martin.
>Page 2-3.

Perfect Popple: The Movie: Popple and Friends are on the silver screen. Can Popple save Little Fungitown from Mr. Little? By Martin.

The Apprentice: Sixteen characters compete to become Lemmy's newest assistant, by Martin. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7.

The Eggcellent Adventure 3: The New Smithy Gang has risen to power, so the Resistance is formed to try to take it down, by Martin. Not completed.
>Page 2-3.

Reunited: A reunion between some of Mario's allies leads to a quest to save Plit from a mysterious villain, by Martin.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.

Destroy All Plumbers: In order to join an exclusive club, Captain Syrup must find a way to take down a certain heroic plumber, by Martin.
>Page 2.

Super Mario Land 0.5: When Kamek decides to take matters into his own hands, the Mario Brothers must find a way to defeat him before they defeat themselves, by Martin.

Reunited: The Seven Bloods: The battle for immortality is on, and that may not even be the half of it, by Martin. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4.

Mary Beyer

Hip and Hop's Adventure: The twins have a series of adventures, by Mary Beyer.

The Machine's Hour: The Koopas all get injured and then get repaired, or do they, by Mary Beyer.

In the Night: Mario gets evil and the Koopas must unite to save themselves, by Mary Beyer.

Winter Wonderland: The Koopas have a snowball fight, by Mary Beyer.

A Koopaling in Training: Another story about the Koopa's first raid, by Mary Beyer. Not completed.

The Koopalings in Super Mario World: A good explanation of the game, by Mary Beyer.

The Great Koopa Caper: Hmm... Can you explain this to me? By Mary Beyer.

How the Dino Riders Ruined my Halloween: One big Halloween battle, by Mary Beyer.

TV Can Be Dangerous: Well, the Koopas are in the TV, but not on their show, by Mary Beyer.

Uncle K. Rool: The Koopas go to the jungle to help their uncle, by Mary Beyer.

Master Sergeant Guy

Tutankoopa II – Paper Mario Insider, by Master Sergeant Guy.


The Time Machine: The Koopas see the future and past of their race, by Matthew.

maude moon

The Lighthouse in the Sky, by maude moon. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Max Jones

The Hostage Situation: Peach and Wendy are both kidnapped, by Max Jones.

Addiction to Video Games: Lemmy and Iggy have to fight for their games, by Max Jones.

Henry the Piranha Plant: Larry wants to save his favorite plant, by Max Jones.

Metal Roy: Now not just Mario can become metal, by Max Jones.

The Chocolate Machine: Chocolate can be dangerous to your health, byMax Jones.

The Talkative Koopaling: When Morton's nearby, it's just really annoying, by Max Jones.

The Real Rulers of the Mushroom Kingdom: Lemmy and Iggy go after all the lands, by Max Jones.

The Greedy Koopalings: One treasure chest is apparently not enough, by Max Jones.

Mecha Mario

Mario's Metal Adventure: The Mysterious Power Batteries: Mario must beat a metal version of himself that never was flesh, by Mecha Mario.

The Light in Darkness, by Mecha Mario. Not completed.

Metal Koopa DS

Ludwig Von Koopa vs. Professor Elvin Gadd: When Bowser decides he is better off stealing Gadd's inventions, Ludwig challenges the professor to a contest, by Metal Koopa DS.

Mew Princess

Super Mario Melodrama: Trouble brews when a series of high-ranking Mushroom officials turn up murdered, by Mew Princess. Not completed.
>Page 2-3.


Koopa Bond: It's Bond. Koopa Bond, by Mewd.

Koopa Fantasy 7: Final Fantasy 7 merges with the Mario Universe, by Sandslash and Mewd. Not completed.


Luigi Undercover: Equipped with the latest in high-tech ghost-catching gear, Luigi agrees to become Gadd's paranormal investigator, by MilkandCereal. Not completed.


Mario Gone Mad, But Stupid: Mario starts wreaking havoc, by Missy.


Mario and Wario's Adventure: Two rivals put their differences aside when Bowser suddenly kidnaps Luigi and Waluigi, by Missy9282.

Misty Koopa

Yoshi's Story 2: The Tale of Friendship: Yoshi kids go to defeat Bowser, byMisty Koopa.

The Night Before Cave Christmas 2: The Koopalings and Yoshis try to steal all the presents, by Misty Koopa.


Larry Phantom: Larry receives the powers of a ghost, and the problems of one too, by MJ. Not completed.
>Page 2.


Paper Mario 3: Return of the Darkstar: The evil half of a powerful star emerges from its prison in the Star Rod, by monday100. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Stupid Wario RPG, by monday100. Not completed.
>Page 2.


Of Journeys and Hope: A long story by Monica in which Bowser joins a tribe of Raptors and Dragons on a migration. I hope you have a lot of free time for this great story.
>Page 2-3.

Too Many Memories: Bowser dies and it is really sad, by Monica.

Too Many Memories II:  Pain and Dreams: There is danger from some berries, by Monica.


The Mushroom Kingdom at War: The Mushroom Kingdom and the Beanbean Kingdom have gone to war! Can Mario and Luigi restore peace to both Kingdoms? By myBand.

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Corrupt Koopa: The true second Koopaling vows world domination, by Nathan.

Spector: Corrupt returns to destroy the Koopa Kingdom, by Nathan.

Corrupt Koopa Strikes Back: Corrupt has amnesia, but soon remembers his mission, by Nathan.


Coup d'État: After Bowser orders an attack that amounts to little more than a petty suicide mission, a top Koopa general heads a rebellion, by Neo. Not completed.


Soul Chasm, by Ninja-Z. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6.

W: The Beginning: I can't speak much about the plot yet, but it reads not unlike Hitchhiker's Guide... by Ninja-Z. Not completed.
>Page 2.


Mario and Luigi: Lost in Time, by noe1995. Not completed.


Blackened: A new force threatens to destroy Plit, by no-YOU.
>Page 2.

The Four Horsemen: Elias and his master hatch a new plan, to ally with Smithy's Gang and conquer Plit, with most of the old heroes gone, by no-YOU. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5.

Novette & Gwenbi

Stupid Paper Mario, by Novette & Gwenbi.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7.

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Blooey: The Legendary Blooper: Having been imbued with powers at a young age, Luigi's old partner is charged with saving the world's water supply, by Paperlemmy. Not completed.


Super Wario Strikers!! What Happens After the Bowser Cup: Wario and Bowser team up and force Mario to play them in a high-stakes game just for kicks, by ParaBonz.

Zoshi's Adventure: A rare-colored Yoshi, the lone survivor of a destroyed island, looks for revenge, by ParaBonz.

Zoshi Adventure 2: The Survivor: Zoshi discovers he is not the only survivor of his sunken island, by ParaBonz.

Zoshi's Adventure 3: The Transformation: Zoshi and the Marios adventure to stop Karminy, who has caused the sky to be blacked out. It will be the last thing Zoshi does, by ParaBonz.

Nintendomon: The Elite Cup, by ParaBonz. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4.


The End: Phase 1, by Paratrol. Not completed.

paratroopa girl

Paralee's Adventure: Bowser has it out for Mario and everyone who's helped him, by paratroopa girl. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9.


Villains Revenge: A band of tough characters decide to strike out on their own and absorb their masters' powers, by Pat. Not completed.
>Page 2-3.


Closed Windows: A strangely happy queen and her dark heir take a mysterious interest in Ludwig and Karma, by Peachygirl5. Not completed.
>Page 2.


Mario and Luigi: Hunt for the Shrooms: The Bros. must seek out ten powerful Mushrooms once part of a plot to dethrone Mario's ancestor, by Pennington. Not completed.

Penultimate Lifeform

The Koopa Beach Kidnap: The Koopalings strike while Mario and Peach are on holiday, by Penultimate Lifeform. Not completed.

Petey Piranha Fan

The Return of the Shadow Queen: Mario accidentally releases the Shadow Queen, so Luigi must save the day, by Petey Piranha Fan.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8.
The Return of the Shadow Queen: Advanced Edition, by Petey Piranha Fan. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6.

Phantasmagorical Phantasm

Russ T's Adventure: A simple trip to retrieve a coveted book lands a scholarly Toad in more trouble than he could possibly have imagined, by Phantasmagorical Phantasm. Not completed.
>Page 2-3.


The Sub-con War: Pidget’s Quest for Survival: Back in the time when Morton Koopa Senior was king, the Pidgits must fight to escape being kidnapped along with other species as part of an evil plot, by Phantos67. Not completed.


Legend of the Sun: An evil ghost is released and must be stopped, by Pichu. Not completed.

Pig koopa

Lemmy's Skeletal Army: The Koopas must fight to restore Lemmy after he is made into the king of the Dry Bones, by Pig koopa. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Daisy’s Quest for the Attributes: Daisy is asked to find the six Attribute Orbs that grant ultimate power, but the Koopas are already looking for them, by Pig Koopa. Not completed.
>Page 2.


A Lesson to be Learned: The Koopalings learn about drugs, by Pikachu.


Plokman and Lemmy's Quest: The Legend of the Seven Elemental Stones: Seven stones are needed to counteract a rod that can bring statues to life, by Plokman. Not completed.

Pokemaniac Joe

The Ultimate RPG Quest: To save himself from a band of conspiring villains, Mario must overcome the dangers of this challenging adventure, by Pokemaniac Joe. Not completed.
>Page 2.


Enemy Tourney Season 1: Super Mario Sunshine, by polkamon. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Prince Mallow

MARIO & LUIGI: Rise of a New Foe: First he is rude to Toad, then Mario kidnaps the princess. Hmm... Something seems a little odd, by Prince Mallow. Not completed.

Prince Peace

Boobart and the BOO-k: A timid Boo magician embarks on a quest for a powerful spellbook, but will run into an evil force who will stop at nothing to get it first, by Prince Peace.

Clarisse and the Magikoopa Sorceress, by Prince Peace.

Princess Pear

Super Mario: Fruit Attack: Peach is swiped by a similarly named princess who wishes to demonstrate her independence, and seems to be succeeding, by Princess Pear. Not completed.


Lotusium: Lemmy makes a slight miscalulation when the robot he built to destroy Mario will destroy the whole world when it gets to full power, by Princesspixiekitty1234567890.

P.T. Piranha

Lemmy's Mansion: Lemmy subs for Luigi, Iggy subs for Mario, and P.T. and some Torpedo Ted are there for no good reason at all, by P.T. Piranha.

Lemmy's Mansion 2: Paper Lemmy: After blowing up the moon in the last parody, Lemmy must collect the Crystal Stars or lose his mansion, by P.T. Piranha.
>Page 2-3.

Lemmy’s Mansion 3: Lemmy & P.T.’s Super Dumb Saga:Lemmy's mansion is in danger once again, so it's off to the Beanbean Kingdom to find Cackletta and pay off a debt, by P.T. Piranha.
>Page 2-3-4.

Temper, Temper!: Roy must prove he can control his temper, or be sent to the dungeon, by P.T. Piranha.

The Quest: The power items are all temporarily more powerful, making them more desirable now than ever! By P.T. Piranha.
>Page 2-3-4-5.

Paper Mario Brothers: A twisted version of the original with Luigi tagging along, by P.T. Piranha.
>Page 2-3-4.

Paper Mario Brothers 2: Pinheads in Time: Apparently, the Mushroom Kingdom was insane in the past, too, by P.T. Piranha.
>Page 2-3-4-5.

Larry’s Adventure: Bowser has been killed, so Larry must save the day... or at least get sweet, sweet justice, by P.T. Piranha.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11.

Mario & Luigi: Cackletta’s Return: The Marios escape to a distant planet to find the power they'll need to take on a resurgent Cackletta, by P.T. Piranha. Not completed.

(Not So) Super Paper Mario: With new features! A crazy guy pushing people  off Flipside Tower, a Mega Shell running over people, P.T. as one of the villains, and much more! By P.T. Piranha.
>Page 2-3-4-5.

Larry's Adventure 2: One week later, Axem Purple, Shade, and Yux go on an adventure with old "friends" and new enemies, by P.T. Piranha.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8.

(Anti-)Heroes: Save the transforming spider thingy; save the world, by P.T. Piranha.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16.

Average Mario Galaxy: Mario Galaxy, written by P.T., you know the drill, by P.T. Piranha. Not completed.

Finally Fantastic: Pretend this title also has a 7 in it, and see if this parody makes more sense, by P.T. Piranha.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11.

Finally Fantastic: The Movie, by P.T. Piranha.

Finally Fantastic Zero: A Marioized and crazified rendition of Final Fantasy 6. Why the Zero in the title, I don't know! By P.T. Piranha.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9.

Larry’s Adventure 3: Brotherhood, by P.T. Piranha.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13.


Lakitu's Defection: Lakitu leaves the Koopa clan to undertake a fascinating and past-revealing adventure, by Pteryx.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13.


Trouble in Dark Land: Bowser tries to trap the Marios, by Purple.

Purple Koopa

Magic Time!: Mario must defeat Bowser without his super powers, by Purple Koopa.

Pyro Bundt

The Legend of Angst: The Somewhat Forgotten Emotion, by Pyro Bundt. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Pyro Guy

Updated: The Crystal Keepers: A mysterious group looks for the final crystal keeper, thought to be one of the Koopalings, so that together they can takeover the world, by Pyro Guy.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8.


Waluigi's Rise: Waluigi has devised a plan to take over Sarasaland. Can Luigi hatch a plan to stop him? By Pyroboo.
>Page 2-3.

Hat Heist: Mario's hat has never been less safe, by Pyroboo.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7.

Ludwig's Perfect Day, by Pyroboo.

Beyond Death: A much-maligned Yoshi defies fate in becoming a powerful Boo, by Pyroboo. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9.

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Queen Sunny

Siren Sunny: A Hero Arises: Desperate measures are needed to save Siren after she and Peach battle Bowser, by Queen Sunny.

Siren Sunny Part 2: The Frog King, by Queen Sunny.

Quirky Quipster

Peach and Luigi's Adventure to Save Mario: Peach and Luigi head off to steal the wand of each Mushroom King in order to obtain the power needed to rescue Mario from Bowser, by Quirky Quipster.
>Page 2-3-4-5.

A Day on Planet L: It seems that an experiment to create clones of Ludwig is a disaster, but these clones aren't the biggest problem, or even first clones, by Quirky Quipster.

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Doomship Disaster: Wendy enlists the twins for her monthly attack, by Rachelle.
>Page 2-3.

Spotlight Shy: Playful does not believe that he really has it easy, by Rachelle.

Side Effects: Ludwig gets some chemicals on his arm, by Rachelle. Not completed.

Survivor II: The Forever Forest: It's Mismatch Mass versus Paper Pack, by Rachelle. Not completed.

Midnight Scare: Morton gets the scare of his life, byRachelle.

History Lesson: Tells of how Bowser beat Mario long ago, by Rachelle.

Taken by Surprise: Iggy decides to do something about the Roy problem, by Rachelle. Not completed.

Red Koopa

Bowser Jr. and the Ancient Star: Junior, Lemmy, and Larry follow a map towards a powerful, long lost Star, by Red Koopa.
>Page 2.

Rise of the Shy Guys: The X-Nauts want to destroy all other races, starting with the Shy Guys, by Red Koopa.
>Page 2-3.

Morton Sr’s Return: The Koopalings are terrified when Bowser's father returns from the afterlife, while a search party attempts to return him to the Underwhere, by Red Koopa.
>Page 2-3.

Bowser Jr. Runs Away from Dark Land: After feeling rejected by his siblings, Junior leaves home and pals around with the Wario Bros, by Red Koopa. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6.

Dimentio’s Return, by Red Koopa. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6.

The Shadow Queen Strikes Back: Brought back to life by Crump's folleys, the Shadow Queen possesses Mario for his first time and looks to resume her dark reign, by Red Koopa. Not completed.
>Page 2-3.

Bowser's Holiday Redemption: A very Koopa take of A Christmas Carol. I've seen a lot of uninspired renditions, but this one made the grade. By Red Koopa.

Red Koopa Knight

Yoshi Quest: A huge explosion rocks a quiet island, hurling Yoshi into another adventure at last, by Red Koopa Knight. Not completed.
>Page 2-3.

Red Shy Guy

Snifit X Season 1: The Snifit Adventures, by Red Shy Guy.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8.

Snifit X Season 2: Paper Snifit, by Red Shy Guy.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.

Snifit X Season 3 Paper Snifit The Thousand Year Warp Pipe, by Red Shy Guy.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9.

Snifit X Season 4: Booster & Snifit Super Snifitdum Saga, by Red Shy Guy.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8.

Snifit X Season 5: Super Paper Snifit, by Red Shy Guy.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11.

Snifit X Season 6: Booster & Snifit - Punchinello's Inside Story, by Red Shy Guy. Not completed.
>Page 2-3.


A Rising Star: Ludwig gets forced into the role of a female lead singer when Wendy becomes ill and is unable to participate in his scheme, by Reyelene.

Serenade of Darkness: Sky Land turns into Thunder Land when a Peach look-alike appears to usurp the throne, by Reyelene.

Serenade of Darkness, Part II: And there she was…: Told from Ludwig's perspective, in this prequel the Koopa Prince meets Plum, who he recruits first for his Opera and then for conquest, by Reyelene and gemini7.

Serenade of Darkness, Part III: Peisinoe, Queen of the Sirens, by Reyelene and gemini7.


Blood!: After another severe pummeling, Iggy wants to stop Roy's beatings forever, by Rhinox.

Ridley Koopa

Kamek’s Plot: The Magikoopa realizes the princess can not only be a prisoner, but a hostage as well, by Ridley Koopa.

BOO!: Mario and Peach turn up dead, and the Koopas have their own problems, by Ridley Koopa.

The Mystery of Martin Koopa Jr: Morton is booted from the family when a more popular and similarly named Koopa comes along, by Ridley Koopa. Not completed.

Rini Koopa

The Snifit-Koopaling: Booster's mysterious past is revealed, by Rini Koopa.

Rocky Koopa

The Casino Plot: Rocky finds out more about Mario, by Rocky Koopa.


The Koopa King I: Rise of Bowser: What happened with Bowser in between the end of Yoshi’s Story and the beginning of Super Mario Brothers, by Ryou. Not completed.
>Page 2.

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Samuel Mcle 23458

Paper Mario: Toshroom Returns: Mario and Luigi head out on a long quest to stop a rebellious Toad, by Samuel Mcle 23458. Not completed.

Sergeant Dark Bones

Giant Survivor: Good Guys, Bad Guys, Minions, and CRRRRRRRRRRRRRAZIES!!!, by Sergeant Dark Bones. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Sergeant Flutter

Time Storm: Book 1: Bowser plans victory by correcting the mistakes made in the past, by Sergeant Flutter. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Shadow Mario

Toads Gone Wrong: A powerful Mushroomer is kidnapped and Toad must chase after him, by Shadow Mario.

The Four Heroes: After the Shadow Queen reappears, the descendents of the four who first stopped her must band together to save the world once more, by Shadow Mario.

Shadow the Yoshi

The Quest for the Jewels of Power: Seven Jewels that led to the destruction of seven Civilizations long ago are about to be unearthed once again, by Shadow the Yoshi. Not completed.

Shadow Yoshi

The Great Mushroom War: The ancient conflict between the Mushroom Confederation and the Koopa Reign is just the beginning, by Shadow Yoshi. Not completed.


Bowser: King of the Koopas: Narrative biography of the Koopa King, by ShadowGuy94. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Shady Parakoopa

Shadow Paper Mario: Rods of the Crystal Stars: Shadow Mario and his associates musttravel a Bowser-conquered Rogueport so they can steal the Koopalings' seven wands, by Shady Parakoopa.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9.

Shadow Paper Mario 2 RPG or Really Pathetic Game: Ok guys, the title is a bit confusing, but it's a Mario RPG parody, and yes, it's pathetic, by Shady Parakoopa.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6.

Shadow Paper Mario 3 IN SPACE!!!: Shadow Mario heads into orbit to rescue the kidnapped Shadow Queen; Yux must shut up, by Shady Parakoopa. Not completed.


The Koopa Kids Order Chinese Food: A humorous story written by Shaylyn.

MST3K Versus Sonic: When their favorite show is replaced by another, the Koopa Kids take action, by Shaylyn.

Shy Ranger

The Koopalings’ Adventures: The Evil Three: The entire Koopa family is trapped inside a video game and must work together to beat the game and escape, by Shy Ranger. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6.

Super Minion Tournament: Audience participation requested, by Shy Ranger. Not completed.

Silver Knight

Heroes United: Mario is sent to another dimension and must find his way back, by Silver Knight. Not completed.
>Page 2.


The Great Mario Kart Race: Bowser decides to race for the million coin first prize, by Simon.Not completed, with one Trimming.


Crystalfall: Bowser goes too far in the eyes of one Koopatrol general, who joins Mario and Luigi when the Koopa king decides to use a legendary construct of history to decimate the Mushroom Kingdom, by Skormorak. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5.


The Legend of Shy Away and the Eight Pure Hearts: Shy Away flutters into the wrong place at the wrong time, as Dimentio returns and releases a plague of dangerous foes, by Slike373.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.

The Ultimate Koopa: When Ludwig and Roy are combined into one, the result is too monstrous even for the rest of the Koopas, by Slike373.
>Page 2-3-4.

Paper Wario: The Thousand-Year Store, by Slike373. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4.


Hatching of the Shreok: The race is on to find the special power-bestowing eggs, by Slimer49'r.
>Page 2-3-4.

The Hatching of the Shreok 2, by Slimer49'r.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.

The Hatching of the Shreok 3, by Slimer49'r.

The Hatching of the Shreok 4: The Last Dance, by Slimer49'r. Not completed.


A New Threat: The Marios and the Koopas meet a force stronger than ever known before, by Smash.

A New Threat: Part 2: Questions and Answers: The Koopas search for Exor and learn some startling history, by Smash.

A New Threat 2: Exor shows up in his crystal, by Smash.

A New Threat 3: Exor gets his revenge through a poisonous crystal, by Smash.

A New Threat 4: A Realm of Nightmares: I really thought (and hoped) Exar was dead, and he is, sort of, by Smash.

The Return of Smithy: Smithy is brought back to life after his Mario RPG defeat, by Smash. Not completed.

A Day As Lemmy: The amazing tale of the young hero, by Smash.

Back and Forth: Ludwig and Luigi change the course of history, by Smash.

someone else

Paper Mario and the Princess of Light: This man was sad. So he gave up... and got possessed. This gothic Italian became the new human form of the Spirit of Darkness, by someone else. Not completed.
>Page 2-3.


Crazy Dum Gum: Morton has some gummy fun, by Specter.

Yummy Dummy Gummy: Ludwig, for some reason, likes Morton's idea, by Specter.


Attack of the Zombie Koopas: When the Koopa Bros. cause an outbreak of zombies to which nearly everybody succumbs, will the Koopalings cure their kingdom of the curse or also join the undead army? By Spikeman.

Mario Joins the N-Team: After Bowser joins Mother Brain's Legion of Darkness and defeats Mario, the plumber joins up with the N-Team to save the Mushroom Kingdom and all of Videoland, by Spikeman: The Game Master. Not completed.

Spiker Koopa

The Grand Adventure of Mario and Kazooie: The plumber and the breegul team up to rescue Peach, but in addition to the witch Grunty, the Koopa family and other new challengers stand in their way, by Spiker Koopa.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8.

Spyder Z

A Different Perspective: Motivation explained, by Spyder Z.

It’s All in the Hat: Mario loses his powers and must cope with life as a normal man, while Bowser has to make sense of his sudden success, by Spyder Z. Not completed.

Starwind Koopa

Lakitu's News Station: A regular Mushroom Kingdom news report, by Starwind Koopa.

The Chronicles of KT520: The saga of a developing Koopa Troopa, by Starwind Koopa.

LKT520's Return: The Koopas are attacked by a huge monster, by Starwind Koopa. Not completed.

The Experience of Death: Follow a Koopa to the brink of death, and beyond, by Starwind Koopa.

Super Goomba

Larry: A Marioized novelization of Hamlet, by Super Goomba. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6.

Super Mario

Mario's Party Peril, by Super Mario. Not completed.
>Page 2-3.

Super Troopa

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Parody, by Super Troopa.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8.

Super Paper Lemmy, by Super Troopa. Not completed.

Super Yoshi 64

The Legend of Mario and Luigi: Ocarina of Time, by Super Yoshi 64. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Super Yoshi 7175

Ludwig's Greatest Invention: Ludwig plans to make his siblings smarter, but things go horribly wrong, by Super Yoshi 7175.

Game Over: Kamek sees the end of the world in one of his visions, which have never been wrong, by Super Yoshi 7175.


Game Over: A boy from Earth plans to take over Pilt, by supercomputer276.

Game Over File 2: The Crystal Catastrophe, by supercomputer276. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6.

A Game Over Christmas: Karma receives a present from a dangerous source, by supercomputer276.


Wario Land: The unsavory businessman is down on his luck until he comes into possession of a map to the Kitchen Islands, sending Wario into adventure, by SuperLuigi46. Not completed.

Mario and the Search for the Pipe Room: Mario embarks on a mission - nay, just a job - to repair some pipes.  Simple, right? By SuperLuigi46. Not completed.
>Page 2.

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Tabitha Yoshi

The Accident: Two Yoshis learn a valuable lesson about life and friendship, by Tabitha Yoshi.

Lucky Pasta: Ludwig and Larry discover what makes the Marios super: pasta, by Tabitha Yoshi.

Tail Koopa

Magikoopa Duo Attack: After Kamek's search for expert Magikoopas turns up only Kammy, will the elderly wizard finally be able to beat the Mario Brothers? By Tail Koopa.
>Page 2-3.

Cackletta's Magical Journey: A newly revived Cackletta goes in search for her stolen spellbook, by Tail Koopa. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4.

Dragons' Alliance: Five dragons, one goal, by Tail Koopa. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6.

Teela Yoshi

Dreams Can Be Reality: Prequel to Moonlight Shadow, Karma wonders whether she will ever meet a true friend, by Teela Yoshi.

Moonlight Shadow: Karma finally finds someone who likes her for who she is, by Teela Yoshi.

A Bed to Die For: When Roy ruins his bed, Larry is given a new one. But this one doesn't just sleep all day, by Teela Yoshi.
>Page 2-3.

Melodies Forever: In a quest to save Plit, Time is interrupted, Fate is rewritten, and Forever can mean death, by Teela Yoshi.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19.

Broken Hearts Cannot Be Fixed By Their Wielders: Ludwig and Karma console a heartbroken Koopa as she prepares to take her leave, by Teela Yoshi.

An Outsider's Story: For a right, there is a wrong, for a night, follows a day, and for an end, there has to be a beginning, by Teela Yoshi. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4.

Woven Hearts Missing: Roy meets someone new- but is this someone all who he believes them to be? By Teela Yoshi.
>Page 2.

An Unforgettable Birthday: Almost everyone forgot her birthday, but Karma will always remember this one, by Teela Yoshi.

Friendship Blossoms: Roy and Cassie find themselves in the dangerous sewer at the end of the warp pipe when they miss their turn, by Teela Yoshi.

Call of Death: A runaway Koopa must return to his home, where the Mario Brothers are in danger, by Teela Yoshi. Rewritten, not completed.

Perfection is Garbage: Teela helps Karma stand up to the Koopalings, by Teela Yoshi.

Music Will Die: When a terrorizing force comes to Kastle Koopa, "reality" becomes useless, hearts change, and the unimaginable comes to life in this nightmarish tale, by Teela Yoshi. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4.

Attitude is Everything: Teela encourages Larry and Karma to work together to better Roy, by Teela Yoshi. Not completed.

Mort du Moi, by Teela Yoshi.

Life is Acceptance: Ludwig finally stands up for Karma, and then gets sent to bootcamp. Mental and physical pain ensue, but the two grow indefinitely closer, by Teela Yoshi. Not completed.

Tenacious B

Fatman in: A Puzzling Case: Wario and Waluigi star in this gritty Batman spoof, by Tenacious B.

Fatman in: The Best Crimes Come from Good People: Wario must outsmart a felon who hates not only Wario himself, but Fatman as well, by Tenacious B.

Fatman in: The Heart of the Crime, by Tenacious B.

The Journey to Brotherhood: To save Lemmy, Iggy must find the Sapphire Charms, and his true strength, by Tenacious B..
>Page 2-3-4-5.


Chronicles of the Koopa Empire – Episode 1: The New Recruits, by Terry.


Wherever I May Roam: The Mushroom Kingdom has fallen, the Mario Bros. have been captured, and Mario has been driven insane by the defeat. Can Luigi save the day? By Testament. Not completed.

The Dryest Bones

The Amushroom Race, by The Dryest Bones. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13.

Wario and Waluigi's Extremely Twisted Saga, by The Dryest Bones.
>Page 2-3-4.

Super Paper Wario (and Waluigi), by The Dryest Bones. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Monsterpiece: Junior and Lemmy create the ultimate monster, but have they gone too far? By The Dryest Bones.

The Fire Commander

Super Mario Bros: Search for the Crystal Stars: A mysterious entity challenges the Marios to reclaim the Crystal Stars before he does, by The Fire Commander. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4.

The Fire Toad

The Invasion of Mushroom Kingdom: Toad, Luigi, Mallow, and Daisy must band together as Bowser and Cackletta try to win the Mushroom Kingdom, by The Fire Toad.

The Vanda Wars: A visitor from a ruined land appears to restore his planet at the expense of the Mushroom Kingdom, by The Fire Toad.

The Game Prince

If Bowser Ruled the Mushroom Kingdom: With the law against him, Mario must save the Mushroom Kingdom when Bowser takes control, by The Game Prince.

The Green Thunder

Tales of Mushroom Kingdom: Shadow King’s Reign: Shadow creatures descend upon the Mushroom World as the Shadow King seeks to revive his wife, by The Green Thunder. Not completed.

The Mario Surfer

Lemmy's Land Run Over: Lemmy is kidnapped and Toad is discovered, by The Mario Surfer.

The Noisy Weapon: Morton is a very dangerous weapon, by The Mario Surfer.

A Different View: A different version of Lemmy's Land Run Over, by The Mario Surfer.

To Bowser's Keep We Go: The Koopas are older and an heir is needed, by The Mario Surfer.

The Koopa Sailor Scouts: The Koopa females power up, by The Mario Surfer.

A Koopa Romance: As the title says but following a Disney movie, by The Mario Surfer.

TMS Gets Smarter: TMS tries to make peace between two warring sides, by The Mario Surfer.

Memories on a Rainy Day: Clawdia remembers her now-grown-up Koopalings, by The Mario Surfer.

Koopa Girl Talk: Who says Wendy has to hate Susan? By The Mario Surfer.

The Mask of Ka-Chiri: Bowser has been overcome by an evil force, by The Mario Surfer.

Peach’s Christmas Special: The Marios get into the Christmas spirit, by The Mario Surfer.

The Eighth Child: Wendy gets a sister, by The Mario Surfer.

The Mask of Ka-Chiri 2: Shattered Dreams: Racku returns from the mask, by The Mario Surfer.
>Page 2-3.

While You Can: Bowser imagines his children's future, by The Mario Surfer.

The Three Stooges

Super Mario RPG: The Untold Battles: Find out what else was going on, by The Three Stooges. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5.

Koopa Fantasy: A supposed spoof of Final Fantasy, but... By The Three Stooges. Not completed.
>Page 2.


The Adventures of Mario- Sheepy Time: Kamel rebels against Bowser, and the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom turn into sheep. Coincidence? I think not! By TheBlueJ. Not completed.
>Page 2-3.


Queen Toadstool: A party thrown by Peach despite the warnings of her mother's ghost soon comes to disaster as guests go missing, by Toadette. Not completed.
>Page 2-3.

Toadette Koopa

The Search for the Wands: The Koopalings must use their powers to find the wands that can help them save their clan, by Toadette Koopa. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5.


Toad with a Vengeance: Bowser manages to kidnap the Marios and the princess in a foolish plot, and challenges Toad to get them back, by Toadinator. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4.

Mario's Adventures in Limbo: After choking on broccoli, Mario must go on a crazy adventure to save his life, or face being sent to the aftergame forever, by Toadinator. Not completed.


Shy, by Todd. Not completed.


The Corrupted Star: Banished and ruined, a Shadow Yoshi searches for a Star of untold power, by Trace. Not completed.
>Page 2-3.

Travix Man

The Return of the Koopalings, and New Super Retarded Mario Bros. Wii: We see behind the scenes as the Koopa family carries out their latest plot, by Travix Man. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Trumpet Thief

Super Mario RPG: Rewritten, by Trumpet Thief. Not completed.

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Ultimate Yoshi

Super Koopaling Galaxy: The Koopalings rocket into space to rescue their abducted parents, by Ultimate Yoshi. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5.

The Revenge of the X-Nauts, by Ultimate Yoshi. Not completed.
>Page 2.

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Super Mario Land Ultra: The Journey Return: When Tatanga kidnaps Daisy again, Mario and Luigi must rush to her rescue, by Vyucs.
>Page 2-3.

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Wacky Koopa

The Last King: A Koopa who is powerful but a victim of tough circumstances seeks a new life in Castle Koopa, by Wacky Koopa.

The *Insert Adjective Here* Race, by Wacky Koopa and get in my belly. Not completed.
>Page 2-3.

The Axem Powers: A vengeful General Guy revives the Axem Ranger and leads them along with his army against shared foes, by Wacky Koopa. Not completed.


I Hate Mario: On a day when attacking is forbidden Bowser decides to take Mario down by making everyone else hate him, by Waffle. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Hospital Horrors: Bowser is hospitalized with a deadly disease and it seems someone may want to keep him there, by Waffle.
>Page 2-3-4.

The Time Killer, by Waffle. Not completed.

AAAHH! Waluigi Handbag

Dark Prophecy of the War of the Two Kingdoms: The Yoshi Chronicles of Fate, by AAAHH! Waluigi Handbag.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8.


Yoshi's Island 2: Xoshi's Story: An in depth look at what happened after the Baby Marios were saved, by Wanopio. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29-30-31-32-33-34-35-36-37-38.


Super Koopa RPG: Lemmy and Mario team up? Well, it is against Smithy, by Wario.

The Arrival, the Wedding, and the Reason: Bowser finds members of a long lost family, by Wario.


Bob-omb, Meat Bomb: Wendy uses tomato sauce and Parmesan Cheese against Mario and Luigi, by Wendy.

A Spooky Tour: Um, well, it’s a story of some kind and I’m in it, by Wendy.

I Wish I Could Wish: Roy misbehaves and has to go a week without using any magic, by Wendy.

The Great Theft: Ludwig gets smart and tries to make trouble, by Wendy.

The Koopas' Invent-a-Thon: Can the Koopas' best invention beat Mario? By Wendy.

The Koopalings Hate Susan: Susan acts sweet, but she's really evil, by Wendy.

The Invasion of Lemmy's Land: Lemmy's Land is being overun by the worst evil imaginable, by Wendy.

Where's the Water?: All the water is evaporating, by Wendy.


Return of the Shroobs: Queen Shroob seeks revenge on the men of red and green, by Wendy. Not completed.

Wendy O. Koopa

"Why Me?": Karma receives an unfortunate fortune, by Wendy O. Koopa.

Yoshi's Love: Yoshi becomes familiar with the word "girlfriend", by Wendy O. Koopa.

Yoshi's Love: The Sequel: Yoshi's marriage is challenged, by Wendy O. Koopa. Not completed, with one Trimming.

Ludwig and Roy's Step Up Invention: The two inventors call on their family as testers, by Wendy O. Koopa. Not completed.

Koopa Tennis: The Koopalings are not content just to watch, by Wendy O. Koopa. Not completed, with one Trimming.

Wolfgang Koopa

Aliens?: A mysterious troublemaker gets Morton driven out of the castle, by Wolfgang Koopa. Not completed.
>Page 2.


GBT 1.75: The Encyclopedia Galatica: As is the tradition for any installment of the GBT series... caption pending, by Wooster. Not completed.

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Yellow Yoshi

Bowser’s One Chance at Love, by Yellow Yoshi. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Yosh 3000

Shy Guys vs Goombas: After months of bickering, Goomba King and General Guy go to war, dragging the rest of Plit with them, by Yosh 3000. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4-5.

Yoshi kid

Lemmy's First Ball: A young Lemmy learns to ride a ball over his mother's complaints, by Yoshi kid.

Yoshi Plush

Another Twilight: When two mysterious brothers takeover the Creepy Steeple and capture his friends, Boo must look for help and save his buds and his home, by Yoshi Plush.

Yoshi 64

The Koopas Go into the Future: But they make a mistake, by Yoshi 64.


The Chronicles of Kangly: A newborn Yoshi is destined to fight an epic battle against an ancient evil, by Yoshidude. Not completed.
>Page 2.


Shadows in the Moonlight: Karma leaves the castle in search of her parents, by Yoshihart.


The Koopaling 2,000: Ludwig invents a new Koopa, by Yoshiki.

The Super Secret Secret Slide: It's Bowser's secret course, so it'll be interesting, by Yoshiki.

Flower Power: The Koopas gets super powers, by Yoshiki.

Koopa Party: The Koopalings decide to play the game, by Yoshiki. Not completed.

Yoshiki Dreams, Destroyed and Forgotton: Ludwig has a dangerous plan to take over Plit, by Yoshiki. Not completed.


Mario and Luigi: The Koopa Alliance: The Koopalings are banished from Dark Land and an evil alliance is formed to destroy the Mario Bros. But a new threat appears as well... By Yoshi7. Not completed.


Iggy versus Lemmy: The twins' fight over a girl doesn't help matters when Mario pays a visit to the Koopas, by Yoshu.

Your Twin the Fourth

Fusemon: The Journey Begins: Mario, Iggy, and friends travel Plit with mysterious creatures called the Fusemon, by Your Twin the Fourth. Not completed.
>Page 2.

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Dragon Journey: Following the death of his girlfriend, a teenage Koopa sets out for revenge, by Zach. Not completed.

Zap Cannon

The Mole: Deception on Plit, by Zap Cannon. Not completed.


Roy Learns a Valuable Lesson in Climate Control: Just what the title says, by Zapster81.


Mario & Luigi: Shift of the Shadow Star: Mario is on a new adventure to get the Shadow Star from Wart, by Zario. Not completed.
>Page 2.

Z-Kidd 500

Sherlock Luigi and the Halloween Murder: Luigi attempts to solve what appears to be the perfect murder, by Z-Kidd 500.

Sherlock Luigi and the 12 o'Clock Shooting: Daisy becomes the victim of a drive-by shooting, leaving Luigi to piece together another mystery, by Z-Kidd 500.

Danger in Mario's Life: After Mario is nearly poisoned to death, he and Luigi must stop his would-be murderer from trying again, by Z-Kidd 500.

Sherlock Luigi and the Greatest Mystery: Failure isn't an option this time, since Luigi's own life is in danger, by Z-Kidd 500 and Cheeseboo.


Road to Alabama: Mario, Bobbery, and Johnny search for Koops, who is lost in the Real World along with the mischievous Lemmy and Iggy, by zz1666.
>Page 2-3.

Survivor IV, by zz1666. Not completed.
>Page 2-3-4.

The Rule of Ludwig: Ludwig becomes King of the Koopas after Bowser's passing, but his reign is threatened to be short-lived, by zz1666.
>Page 2-3.

Mario's Snowboard Saga: Armed with the world's coolest snowboard, Mario must shred his way to finding the eight sun pieces in this action-packed adventure when the Koopas blanket the planet in an ice age, by zz1666.
>Page 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9.

Rivals to the Rescue: Mario and Bowser unexpectedly team up to rescue Peach and the Koopalings from Wart, by zz1666.
>Page 2-3-4.

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1-up Boo

The Goomba Raid: Tired of his people being endlessly squished, King Goomba sets out to round up all Goombas and initiate a takeover of the Mushroom Kingdom, by 1-up Boo.
>Page 2-3-4.

Darkness, by 1-up Boo. Not completed.
>Page 2.

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